Excursions - The Desert Retreat

Day 1 / Friday / (28 DEC. 2018):

At 06:00 AM we will start driving directly from the down town of Cairo (Abd El Monaam Reyad Square) to Kharga Oasis (Around 7 hours). At around 1:00 PM we will arrive to Kharga Oasis and head to our hotel there (Qasr El Bagawat Eco-lodge Hotel) for check-in and dinner.

** We will meet at Rokn Aboda, the hotel coffee shop, for a meet and greet. We will explain all the activities we will be doing together and also discuss the meditation and Art Therapy sessions we will share. You will also share with us your individual expectations and what you would like to get out of this trip.

Day 2 / Saturday / (29 Dec. 2018):

We will gather at the sand dunes for a short meditation and expressive movement to sharpen our senses, which will allow us to be fully present and brighten our auras. Then we will go on to discover the beautiful Kharga Oasis, where we will go on a tour to visit Bagawat tombs, which is one of the oldest Christian cemeteries in Egypt. Afterwards, we will head to Hibis Temple, which was once surrounded by the city of Hibis that now lies under the crops, then Kharga Museum, which consists of three floors; the ground floor has a large foyer that opens onto the second and third floors. The main foyer has two halls to the right and left sides which contain the most important displays of the museum, then we will drive to the old Kharga Market and then head back to the hotel for dinner.
That evening the group will meet at the top of the mountain next to the hotel and Therese and Aisha will be offering a special moon ceremony; the group will co-create a crystal grid with their intentions, activate the grid as a group and flow together through a guided meditation absorbing the vibrations of the grid and receiving Reiki. This will be followed by an art therapy session where we can use movement, music and paint as an outlet for personal expression.

Day 3 / Sunday / (30 DEC. 2018):

After breakfast, we will go on a 3-hour drive to the Dakhla Oasis, where we will visit the Old Islamic school (Qasr Dakhla) which is located to the northwest of Mut and one of the fortified Medieval Islamic towns and said to be the oldest continuously inhabited and the best-preserved settlement of its type in Dakhla. Then we will visit Blat Village located around 9km west of Tineida, which was built during the Mamaluke and Turkish Eras. Afterwards we will visit Al Muzawaka, which consists of a series of soft stone hills or ridges in which over 300 tombs were cut. Primarily Roman and dated to the first and second centuries AD, a few of the Tombs are decorated in a mixture of traditional Egyptian and classical style.
      We will settle there for a bit and enjoy a guided meditation session, where we will set our intentions for the New Year and share an art therapy session. We will then visit the local hot spring, then have lunch and head back to the hotel for dinner. After we return, we will gather around the fire pit for a relaxing guided meditation focused on what we would like to let go of for the New Year, followed by art therapy.

Day 4 / Monday / (31 DEC. 2018):

After breakfast, the adventure begins as we take our 4x4 vehicles and head deep into the desert to enjoy the sand dunes till we reach the beautiful Qasr Labakha Oasis, which is a micro-oasis, 40km north of Al Kharga. Scattered among sandy swells and rocky shelves are the remains of a towering four-story Roman fortress.
At Labakha Oasis, Therese and Aisha will be offering a Guided Meditation followed by a Color Festival where you will have the chance to connect with your inner child and celebrate the freedom of the new beginnings that are only hours away! (We advise you to wear old clothes this day so you will feel free to explore painting with your entire body) We will then enjoy Lunch surrounded by fabulous natural beauty and head back to the Hotel for dinner.
After dinner we will have some time for rest and relaxation then we will gather around the fire pit for a celebration wishing 2018 farewell and welcoming 2019 with a short meditation, live music, and renewed, refreshed, cleansed and empowered souls.

Day 5 / Tuesday/ (1 JAN. 2019):

After breakfast, we will gather at the Bedouin Lounge for our final meditation session and gratitude circle, where we will all express the impact of the past few days on each of us, then we will check out and drive back to Cairo.

NB: Starting from the second day We will also be offering 1:1 sessions for anyone who feels the need for a focus session (Either Art Therapy with Aisha or Energy Healing with Therese).

Meal Plan : Breakfast & Dinner