Qasr El Bagawat Hotel

It is not just Accommodation, It fits your Desires

Where to go?!

Every now & then you need to give yourself a break , if you are trying to get rid of the noise, the crowd and all forms of civilization , and seek the peace of mind, then the Western Desert of Egypt is where you need to go.

Qasr El Bagawat Hotel

Our Hotel is an environmental eco-lodge hotel, which contains 22 rooms, including 2 suites (family suites) with a big area for camping.

Theres also a main restaurant, Bedouin lounge, Bedouin cafeteria & a hot spring.

Now you can escape from the technology invasion & have a break from television & internet.


Our Hotel is located in Kharga Oasis about 200 Km from Dakhla oasis. It is close to the city entrance & the airport. It is located right in front of the famous Bagawat tombs; it is also close to Hibis Temple & Nadoura monument too.

Kharga oasis is located in a very special spot, close to the famous city of Luxor, the city of the ancient Egyptian great temples, which dates back to more than 4000 years ago.

Kharga oasis is mainly famous for its ancient sightseeing such as the temple of Hibis and other beautiful great temples in addition to the beauty of nature with the green palm trees, hot springs, with the highlight of all places that you can’t miss seeing too “Bagawat Tombs”.

Qasr El Bagawat Hotel Tours in Egypt


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